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How We Work With You

JPS Wealth Advisors provide unwavering expertise and support, giving you the power to pursue long term financial stability – no matter what. 

We take the time to get to know you – as people – because your journey through life is unique. It’s a story that unfolds with every decision and every new endeavor. Channeling our knowledge of today’s financial world with the collective expertise of the Baird family, we'll work with you to create a wealth management roadmap, tailored to you and your story, to guide you on the path to long-term financial stability – and even help you account for detours along the way. So, whether you’re trying to find a good time to retire, fund your child's education, or create a lasting charitable legacy, our Financial Advisors can help you make sound financial decisions with your long-term goals in mind. And as your life evolves, your personalized plan will evolve with you. No matter where your journey takes you, we will be there every step of the way.

Why Us?

Our ongoing service commitment, collaborative work environment, family atmosphere, and breadth of resources available are just a few reasons why retiring with us is the right choice for you.


We have created an environment where our collaborative approach to working with clients flourishes. Each stage of life brings its own unique set of challenges, considerations, and opportunities. Over the course of your retirement you will work with each member of our team as your needs change. Today's uncertain times makes working with a group of professionals a necessity, not a luxury. Come see how this approach can benefit you.

When you work with JPS Wealth Advisors, you can expect:





Network of Resources

Through decades of professional experience and community involvement we have developed an extensive network of resources to work with us in serving our clients.

Our financial lives can become complex, which often leads to frustration. We help partner you with the right professionals to fit your needs and provide solutions as you experience different challenges and attend many of those meetings with you. We have found that working alongside your other trusted advisors to create and execute a personalized plan greatly increases your probability of success.

Our professional network includes:

  • CPAs
  • Attorneys
  • Insurance providers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Real estate professionals
  • Auctioneers
  • Industry experts

We work with your other trusted advisors and help partner you with new ones that fit your needs.

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